Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

Birthday Poem for Jana

In the Sunday Sunshine
Splash, kids in the bath
and the green wraps
round wood banisters
and gives me breath.

It's spring again.
But the crush of black ice
and layer after wet sloppy
still sits on my chest and only the
small voices of your crocuses
can start to nudge me open
to warm again.

The ginger carrot soup, the
fiery North African spices
kept me above the water
but give me more of these spring days,
more violet light through the petals, yours
and I might come alive again.

1 comment:

JLC said...

Thank you. You are a ray of sunshine, a field of daffodils in my life. Always spread your words, they are so beautiful! This was my best birthday gift of all!